Apr 2017 – The Ideal Meeting Scenario for Japanese Females in 30s

I pounced on this article which highlighted a poll conducted on 1000 Japanese single females between the age of 29 to 39 by a company called Wakuwaku Communications. The results to the question “What is the ideal meeting scenario?” were ranked and listed as below:

  1. Sitting beside the nice guy on the plane and coincidentally meeting him again at a tourist attraction during the trip. (257 Votes)
  2. The nice guy sitting next you you on the shinkansen helps you to put your luggage on the rack. (196 Votes)
  3. Touching each other’s hands when grabbing the same book at a bookstore. (189 Votes)
  4. A nice guy moves in beside you in the mansion. (184 Votes)
  5. You trip on top of a flight of stairs and a nice guy grabs you before you fall. (180 Votes)

It seems a little too dreamlike for any of those to happen though.

Article: http://youpouch.com/2017/04/03/423850/


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